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  • About us

      Chuzhou Jingwei Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in February of 2001. It is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in designing and machining of plastics thermoforming & foaming mould, metal plate and injection mould, and processing mechanical products. Our company occupies important market position in China machine manufacturing industry relying on advantages in brand, talent, equipment and location aspects. And our company has become one of most influential and potential company in this region.

      Since establishment, we make efforts to develop market and to strengthen interior management. The company's comprehensive force has been improved greatly. Our company is a member unit of China Die & Mould Industry Association, Vice-director Unit of Anhui Die & Mould Industry Association, IS09001 Safety Production Standardization Certification unit and Weaponry Quality Management System Authentication Unit. And we have built long-term cooperation relationship with many top 500 enterprises, for example, BOSH SIEMENS, LG, Midea, TCL Company, Aucma Co., Ltd., research Institutes under CETC.

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