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      The company has 20 professional designers of blister foam mold, injection mold and sheet metal mold, including 16 with more than 10 years of design experience. The professional division of design ensures product quality and improves work efficiency, which can effectively improve design quality and efficiency. With years of experience in mold design, we can provide reasonable suggestions for your product design in the refrigerator design stage. The company adopts UG, Proe and Cimtra are used for 3D design and processing for mold, IGES and STEP are aided at data interchange format, AutoCAD is for 2D engineering drawings and other advanced design software. Focus on the development of new mold products to meet your needs in all aspects of mold.

      The expansion mechanism is applied to the box foaming mold, which can reduce the mold tooling. It not only solves the customer's product quality, but also reduces the customer's production line staffing, improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

      The patent certificate is a new structure innovation patent in mold design and manufacturing

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